How it works

How it Works

By integrating Latenode with OpenAI's ChatGPT, this template enables you to automatically generate personalized icebreakers based on a company's profile located in a Google Spreadsheet. Such messages significantly increase the chances of your email resonating with the recipient.

How Does ChatGPT Transform Email Personalization?

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an advanced language model capable of understanding and generating human-like text. In the context of email personalization, it excels at creating bespoke messages that feel genuinely crafted for each recipient. This AI-driven approach ensures your outreach is relevant, engaging, and far more likely to elicit a response.

Using ChatGPT on Latenode for Automated, Personalized Email Icebreakers

With Latenode, integrating ChatGPT into your email strategy is seamless. Whether you're looking to personalize outreach for a broad audience or craft messages for specific segments, this template adapts to your needs. It’s not just about automation; it's about creating a connection. Here's how you can use it to transform your cold email campaigns:

Step 1: Prepare Your Data with ClearBit and Latenode

Begin by creating a foundation of enriched data. Start with a Google Sheet that contains basic email addresses. To transform these into a rich database with comprehensive details like company descriptions, use the ClearBit and Latenode integration. This initial enrichment is crucial for the effectiveness of the personalized icebreakers you'll create later.

For detailed guidance on setting up this initial enrichment process, refer to the "Enhance Your Business Email Enrichment with ClearBit and Latenode" template. This resource provides step-by-step instructions on how to enrich your email data effectively. Access the template and instructions here: Enhance Your Business Email Enrichment with ClearBit and Latenode.

Once your Google Sheet is populated with enriched data, including company descriptions and other relevant details, you'll have a solid base to start generating personalized icebreakers using the ChatGPT template. This enriched data will ensure that each icebreaker is not only unique but also relevant and engaging to each recipient.

Step 2: Set Up Your Personalization Scenario

Configure This Latenode Template to interact with your enriched data:


  • Grant access to your Google Spreadsheet within all Google Sheet nodes. There you need to map data, but Latenode should refer to correct rows and cells if you use Our Google Spreadsheet from Latenode ClearBit Template from the previous step.Β Β 
  • An Iterator node processes each row, preparing it for personalized message generation.
  • The first ChatGPT node sends the company description to ChatGPT, requesting a unique icebreaker.
  • The second ChatGPT node sends a unique icebreaker again to OpenAI trying to make it even better. All prompts are fully customizable after you copy the template to your Latenode workspace.
  • Final GoogleSheet node sends the result back to GoogleSheet.


Step 3: Implement Your Customized Icebreakers

Once the messages are generated, they're automatically inserted into your Google Sheet. This process equips you with a powerful set of personalized icebreakers, ready to be used in your cold email campaigns.

Then, download your spreadsheet as a CSV file and upload it to your email platform. We'll demonstrate it on Apollo, but the process is similar in other tools.


After uploading, map the fields and assign a custom variable to each you need. The key variable for us is the custom "icebreaker" field.


Now, when composing an email for a prospect, it works like this:


That’s it! This ChatGPT template is more than just an automation tool; it's a bridge to more meaningful, engaging, and successful email interactions. By leveraging AI-driven personalization, you're not just sending emails – you're starting conversations.

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How does Latenode help maximize opportunities?

By integrating all your marketing tools in one place through data integration, Latenode helps you gain a comprehensive view of your operations. This enables you to identify potential opportunities more easily and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Does using Latenode require any special technical skills?

No, using Latenode for data integration does not require any special technical skills. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation for data integration, even for non-tech savvy users.

Can I customize my toolset on Latenode?

Yes, you can customize your data integration toolset on Latenode according to your specific business needs. This flexibility in data integration allows you to choose only those tools that align with your marketing strategy.

What is Latenode?

Latenode is a powerful data platform designed to simplify the integration of various marketing tools. It provides an integrated system that eliminates data discrepancies and enhances operational efficiency through seamless integration.

How does Latenode streamline tool integration?

Latenode streamlines data tool integration by providing a single platform where all your marketing and data tools can be linked together seamlessly. This integration eliminates the need for manual data transfer between different systems, reducing errors and saving time.‍