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Building a Better Way to Automate on All Levels

Our aim is to conserve time and resources, enabling individuals to concentrate on what is important 🚀

Your Ultimate Business Tool

With the right technology, we can accomplish more, stress less, and enjoy the journey of building businesses. That's why we're working on Latenode, a tool that's always by your side, ready to assist with workflows of any complexity, from simple connections between two apps to a fully responsive back-end for your projects. Let’s imagine the possibilities of a future where our automation capabilities are limitless.

Pavel Sparrow
Latenode Co-founder, NoCode Expert
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"I've been using a wide variety of tools to automate the businesses in our holding for nearly ten years. From time to time, annoying limitations have appeared, and I've had to endure them. Everything changed when we started Latenode. After a year of development, I see that not only my pain but also that of like-minded individuals has been overcome by what we've achieved with Latenode".


Latenode Origin Story

Our founding team launched two successful multimillion-dollar businesses, one in 2014 and another in 2018. That’s exactly where building and automating businesses in a low-code environment started for us.

Over these years, our veteran team of developers, led by CTO and Co-Founder of Latenode, Oleg Zankov, has explored a variety of different tools. Starting from self-hosted open-source Huginn to no-code platforms like Zapier and Make, our team didn’t find the perfect solution for their businesses, so they began developing their own tool.

As Oleg, our CTO and Co-Founder said:

" Creating an integration platform that transcends the limitations of no-code is both motivating and challenging. Some of our users say that we have already succeeded, but we believe it's only the beginning".

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Can We Trust in Your Platform's Longevity?

People have seen automation platforms come and go...

– Yes, yes, and yes 😎

The reason is that we rely on Latenode just as you do. One of our projects, Debexpert.com, is fully invested in Latenode with more than 250 automated scenarios supporting almost every aspect of business operations. That means we're fully aligned with our own solution.

Latenode is here to stay and will continue its development, being fully self-sufficient from what we have already successfully built. At the same time, we perceive Latenode as a passion project, as we’re true fans of automation, eager to share our excitement about Latenode with the world.

Where We Are Now

While Latenode is still a startup, our team consists of 25 professionals. The dominant part is tech specialists focusing on our core product – the low-code platform itself:

  • New applications are constantly being added to our library, making the no-code journey smoother for newcomers to the field.

  • The variety of features, functions, and operators keeps expanding, making the process of automating as flexible as possible.

  • AI Automation capabilities are relentlessly extending, as building on Latenode connects to all the AI advantages our modern world offers.


Who we are

Meet the Latenode Team

Our aim is to conserve time and resources, enabling individuals to concentrate on what is important   🚀