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About Latenode

Latenode's architecture allows you:

  • Connect any node to another
  • Execute custom HTTP requests
  • Add multiple triggers
  • Iterate parts of your scenario without paying for the execution of each module as you would on Zapier.

Any external API becomes much more flexible and powerful with Latenode.

How to succeed as a Latenode affiliate

Target the right audience

The most important thing is to target the right audience for Latenode. This means promoting Latenode to people who are likely to be interested in automation software.

Create high-quality content

Your promotional materials should be high-quality and informative. This will help you to convert more visitors into customers.

Promote consistently

The more you promote Latenode, the more money you will earn.

Publish educational content

Get creative. Record tutorials, run webinars or even create courses on Latenode and no-code.

Get paid to promote Latenode and help other creators innovate without limits.

Earn a 20% commission for 24 months, or a 30% commission for 12 months. It's your choice to maximize your earnings! 🔥
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Benefits of joining the Latenode Affiliate Program

Earn Money

Affiliates earn 20% of every subscription that is purchased through their referral link. Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis, and Latenode processes payments quickly and efficiently.

Grow Your Network

By promoting Latenode, you can connect with other automation enthusiasts and professionals. This can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.

Make A Positive Impact

The automation software that Latenode provides can help businesses streamline their operations, save money, and free up time for more strategic initiatives.

Dedicated Support Team

Latenode's affiliate support team is available to help affiliates with any questions or issues they may have.

Affiliate Program Guidelines

It's important to be aware of certain guidelines governing our affiliate program. These are straight forward terms designed to ensure the program is effective, equitable, and aligns with our company's interests.

  • Self-generated referrals, such as using your own affiliate link to sign up for Latenode, are prohibited.

  • Avoid creating any advertising campaigns on search engines, Facebook, or other platforms that might directly compete with our marketing efforts and potentially confuse customers.

  • Any form of manipulation, dishonest tactics, or deceptive practices (for example, sharing false discount codes on coupon websites) will lead to immediate and permanent exclusion from the program.

  • Affiliates will not receive credit for any customers who do not use their specific affiliate link. Only those who sign up through your provided link will contribute to your earnings.

  • Impersonating as a representative or employee of our company, or suggesting that your marketing activities are officially endorsed or executed by us, is not permitted.

  • We hold the authority to modify the Terms of Service of our affiliate program at any given time without prior notice