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With Latenode, experience enhanced flexibility for your automations. Don’t think about the price, think about workflows and implement what your imagination draws for you.

If you're exploring alternatives to Zapier and considering a switch to Latenode, this is the perfect spot for you. Especially if you've found yourself constrained while integrating coding into your complex workflows, or are concerned about incurring charges for each step in your workflow process.

We offer an in-depth comparison between Zapier and Latenode, focusing on their features and providing a detailed overview of their pricing structures. This comparison aims to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, giving you a clear understanding of what each offers.

Whether you're looking for more flexibility in coding, a more cost-effective solution, or specific features that suit your workflow needs, this comparison will guide you in making an informed decision. Additionally, we'll touch upon user experience, integration capabilities, and the level of customer support provided by both platforms to give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

About Latenode

Latenode's architecture allows you:

  • Connect any node to another
  • Execute custom HTTP requests
  • Add multiple triggers
  • Iterate parts of your scenario without paying for the execution of each module as you would on Zapier.

Any external API becomes much more flexible and powerful with Latenode.

About Zapier

  • Zapier is a user-friendly automation platform designed for people who prefer not to engage in coding. It excels in streamlining straightforward tasks that don't demand intricate conditional operations. This tool is particularly accessible for those without a technical background, offering a seamless start-up experience.

  • It supports a vast array of integrations, making it easy to connect various applications for automated workflows. While basic tasks are readily manageable, more complex logic requires opting for advanced subscription plans.

Zapier is notable for its direct integrations with over 6,000 apps, simplifying the process of creating no-code connections for users. However, for more advanced tasks beyond simple no-code integrations, Zapier may offer more limitations than advantages.

Why overpay for Zapier?

Comparison table: Latenode vs Zapier


Time based
Task based
Loop / Iterator
Included for free
Charges for each action
2 min
30 sec
NPM Packages
Time-consumption for building new integration
15 min
2 weeks

Pricing comparison


Latenode is a server-hosted solution, so you don't have to worry about the technical setup or maintenance of your scenarios:

  • The app version is always up to date.
  • The Latenode team fully monitors the infrastructure.
  • You can connect apps using OAuth without any barriers.

Latenode offers a unique and comprehensive free monthly package, including 500 execution credits, allowing up to 500 scenarios to be run entirely for free. The next tier, the Starter Package, is priced at only $19 and enhances the execution credits to 10,000.

Unlike Zapier, Latenode offers the advantage of not incurring additional charges for executing complex workflows that include numerous operations, steps, or tasks. With Latenode, there's no concept of Premium apps; all integrations are freely available to you. Financially, Latenode proves to be significantly more cost-effective - it's several hundred dollars less expensive each month, which adds up to thousands of dollars in annual savings. Our analysis yielded surprising results; in one particular use-case, Latenode was found to be 89.7 times more cost-efficient than Zapier.


  • The Starter package of Zapier includes a quota of 750 individual tasks (distinct from entire workflows) and is priced at $19.99 per month, with the payment being annual. As you integrate more tasks into your workflow, the cost correspondingly rises.

  • In the Zapier ecosystem, each action performed within a workflow is considered a separate task. To illustrate, if your workflow involves retrieving a record from HubSpot, adding a row to a Google sheet, or sending out a tweet, each of these actions is counted as one task. Consequently, a single workflow, depending on its complexity, can comprise thousands of tasks. This can quickly deplete your monthly task allowance, with just one inadvertently complex execution potentially consuming a significant portion of your budget.

  • For more niche requirements like data scraping or processes involving looping and data transformation, it's advisable to rely on external tools. Zapier's task-based model means that even these seemingly simple tasks can rapidly use up a large chunk of your available task count.

Features, tools, and capabilities

Latenode is an alternative to Zapier, as it offers a set of unique and proprietary features. These include:

While Zapier is a functional tool for straightforward integrations, Latenode offers a range of features that is unparalleled. Using Latenode represents a significant upgrade, addressing the recurring challenges faced by users and businesses.

Enhancements in Latenode over Zapier's integrations

While Zapier offers over 6000 ready-to-use integrations with applications, Latenode simplifies building any integration from scratch in just a few minutes. Instead of waiting for the platform's developers to add what you need, maintain your independence:

  • Ask the AI within JavaScript to perform a specific action with the desired application.
  • Observe how the custom code appears.
  • Change API Keys and Tokens as needed.
  • Then, move on! 🚀
Learn about creating new integrations

UI built for developers


In Latenode, an automation software like Zapier, you can write custom JavaScript code snippets to add, remove, and update the data you receive from a node. The Code node in Latenode gives you access to the incoming data, which you can manipulate. What’s really important is that in this Zapier-like platform, JavaScript code supports NPM packages, with over 1.2 million applications available within it. Ask AI to solve the task and see how NPM packages become integrated into your code.

Apart from the Latenode JavaScript, overall Latenode’s UI is closer to a developer’s own environment:

  • Use the Schedule Trigger node to run workflows at fixed intervals and times.
  • Implement multiple trigger nodes and wait for data.
  • Error notifications from the production version will always be sent to you via email, complete with their description.
  • Flexible array/string manipulation in Latenode could be requested via natural language.
  • Set and read the values of global and local variables directly within a JavaScript node.
  • Access the history of scenario changes and restore previous versions.
  • Run any of the scenario versions while keeping all the historical data intact.


The Code Node feature in Zapier is a versatile step that can be integrated into your workflows, akin to other triggers or actions, with the unique capability of writing custom code in Python or JavaScript.

While Zapier does offer the functionality to embed code snippets into workflows, its scalability and sophistication are somewhat limited, particularly in areas like branching, looping, custom scripting, and making HTTP requests.

Zapier isn't ideally suited for highly complex workflows due to several constraints:

  • Code Steps can only output a maximum of 250 items.
  • The combined size of the code and the data it processes is capped at 6MB.
  • The platform does not support the use of external libraries, nor can you install or import libraries, often known as "npm modules".
  • The Webhook feature is exclusive to premium plans, and not every app is compatible with Zapier in terms of sending data back in a format that can be effectively utilized in subsequent workflow steps.

It's important to note that the Code app is a more advanced aspect of Zapier, and as such, the Zapier support team may not provide troubleshooting assistance for coding errors.

Customer support


The Latenode Discord community has been growing since its inception and now counts hundreds of bright tech enthusiasts and early adopters of the platform, helping each other face automation challenges. It's more than just support; it's a social network of low-code experts. On our Discord server, everyone can expect quick responses and help with scenarios and the functionality of the Latenode platform.


Zapier provides various levels of support, including community assistance and exclusive premier support, along with live chat options. However, these live chat features are accessible only with the Team or Company subscription plans. For those on other plans, Zapier's help center serves as the primary resource for finding solutions and answers.

Effortless migration from Zapier to Latenode

  • The continued growth of Latenode as a platform and the pricing structure of Zapier suggest that switching from Zapier to Latenode, a notable Zapier alternative, is a practical decision for many users.

  • Building scenarios in Latenode offers an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the platform's functionalities. Additionally, in this era of AI, the lowered barriers to development make engaging with Latenode an educational experience.

  • We encourage you to check out our plans and sign up for a free Latenode account to see firsthand what our platform can offer you and your business.

 If you're still unsure, feel free to join the Latenode Discord community and learn why so many tech enthusiasts choose Latenode. We're excited to have you with us and to provide the best automation platform available!

Why Latenode is one of the best Zapier alternatives


Much cheaper on massive task automations 

Latenode never bills you for each action in your workflow, unlike Zapier. Therefore, when the volume of operations reaches hundreds or thousands, Latenode becomes up to 89.7 times cheaper.


Enhanced JavaScript for full flexibility

Latenode provides full JavaScript support, including NPM packages. In contrast, on Zapier, you cannot install or import external libraries, making custom data processing very limited.


The synergy between Zapier and Latenode

Latenode and Zapier each have their own advantages. Read this article to learn how to use Latenode as a powerful enhancement to your Zaps

Latenode gives you all the tools you need to drive product adoption


Visual editor with unlimited branches.

Cheapest price

Billing for every 30 seconds, not for every action.

JavaScript run

2 min of custom code execution with NPM packages.

Loop / Iterator

Ability to work with any amount of data.

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