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Develop, implement, and monitor marketing tasks with automation tools

Unlock powerful tools to elevate your marketing efforts: from market research to event management, social media posting, advertising campaigns, and more 🚀

Easily integrate your marketing tools with AI
Automate your comprehensive analytics
Generate new leads and boost conversions
Monitor customer feedback closely

Simplify your marketing tasks and invigorate your entire sales funnel with Latenode automation tools 💫

Automate routine tasks to free up time for high-priority activities
  • Leverage all the benefits of AI automation

    Latenode offers a wide range of AI tools to accelerate your marketing processes.

  • Utilize customizable all-in-one automation

    Quickly configure workflows with complex logic, smart filters, JavaScript, APIs, Webhooks, branching, and more.

  • Advanced automation at an affordable price

    Latenode combines the best features of existing automation platforms and offers a fair price.

You can easily automate any of your marketing processes

Unlock powerful tools to elevate your marketing: from market research and event management to social media posting, advertising campaigns, and more 🚀

Automate your email marketing

Categorize subscribers into distinct segments: Use automation to craft and deliver personalized messages to each group, influencing their purchasing decisions based on specific actions. Ensure timely email delivery for maximum impact.

  • Automatically categorize your subscribers and guide them seamlessly through your sales funnel.
  • Automatically send your customers reminders to renew their subscriptions, special offers, or welcome emails.
  • Set up automatic reports to analyze performance.

Automate your content marketing

Write content in minutes using AI, elevate your marketing strategy with AI-powered A/B testing, save valuable time, and boost conversion rates.

  • Automate the creation of basic content drafts with AI writing tools.
  • Automatically analyze and suggest improvements to optimize content for search engines.
  • Implement personalized dynamic content elements and distribute content across various platforms and media.

Automate your reporting and analytics

Automate the collection, analysis, and presentation of data in real time from multiple sources. Receive alerts and leverage AI capabilities to gain deeper insights and make better decisions based on the most current data.

  • Automate data extraction from various sources and refresh dashboards with the latest information.
  • Set up automated processes to cleanse, format, and prepare data for analysis.
  • Automatically analyze customer feedback.

Automate your social media marketing

Use automation tools like Headless Browser and AI to plan, manage, and engage with people on social networks to stay active!

  • Automatically schedule posts across multiple social media platforms.
  • Set up bots or automated responses to quickly reply to comments.
  • Gather data from your social media platforms, use AI tools to analyze past post performance, and generate reports.
  • Automatically detect potential leads through social media interactions and funnel them into your sales process.

Use popular apps with existing APIs, and connect them all

Automate any imaginable workflow on Latenode by connecting everything seamlessly. AI helps build any integration from scratch to production in just two minutes ⏱

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webhook node
slack node
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notion node
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mailchimp node
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Latenode Youtube chanel

How to Personalize & Automate Cold Email Outreach using Latenode

In this video, we demonstrate how to integrate Latenode automation, ClearBit data enrichment, and ChatGPT AI writing to transform your email outreach.

How it Works

Set up your first workflow in just 3 easy steps 💥

Trigger Step

Select an application that initiates your workflow when data is received

Action Step

Select the application that you would like to transfer the data to

Enable Workflow

Once trigger and action steps are set, simply enable your automation workflow.

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Get Started Quickly With Ready to use Templates

Latenode can execute complex branching scripts using a range of tools, including APIs, webhooks, headless browsers, and JavaScript.

Why Choose Us: Pay Solely for Actual Processing Time, Not for "Operations" or "Tasks"

Typically, no-code platforms charge for each "task" or "operation". For instance, if you create a scenario with five nodes (like "Add row to Google Sheets" or "Get Trello card"), you will typically incur charges for five tasks each time the scenario runs. This can quickly become incredibly expensive.

Latenode operates differently. You are charged only for the real processing time, regardless of the number of nodes in your scenario. This makes Latenode the most cost-effective solution.

Example #1

10,000 scenario executions with 5 nodes inside

Equally 50,000 "operations" for Make and Zapier




from $411

to $568


from $42

to $145







Example #2

100,000 scenario executions with 5 nodes inside

Equally 500,000 "operations" for Make and Zapier




from $2,088

to $2,563


from $338

to $917







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