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What is a Latenode Credit?

Latenode credit initiates your automation on the platform and runs it for 30 seconds. During that time most of your scenarios will be executed successfully. Unlike some other platforms, Latenode does not charge usage fees based on the number of steps.Β 

No matter your current partnership terms, Latenode outbids

If you're currently engaged in a partnership with other automation tools, we are ready to provide you with exceptional conditions. Get ready to drive your automation agency to the next level with Latenode! Apply for a partnership and let's discuss terms for you.

What are Your Benefits of Being a Latenode Partner?

Get even more benefits for yourself, your team, or your clients β€” no matter your industry or company size πŸ’Έ

Consulting and Sales

Latenode offers tools that can empower your clients to enhance their business operations significantly. A single product can effectively tackle numerous daily challenges your clients face. With competitive pricing and immediate profitability from each sale, it represents a mutually advantageous solution for both you and your clients.

Project Implementation

Profit by implementing automation on the Latenode platform for yourself or your clients. Buy a package of credits now, split them between clients, provide your clients with your own discount, increase loyalty and your value.

Repeat Sales & After-Sales

As your clients' businesses grow, so will the number of new automations they need. Stock up on credits for the future to benefit yourself and earn money with Latenode.

Tailored Offers for Your Agency’s Automation Needs!

At Latenode, we're committed to ensuring our partners experience the maximum comfort and profitability while using our platform. That's why we're excited to offer personalized deals for your own automation requirements. Your success is our priority.

Maximizing Leads from Latenode

Discover how you can boost your leads as a Latenode partner:

Stay active

Stay active in our Discord channel and show your expertise to potential customers. Build trust, and clients will naturally ask your paid assistance.

Get more leads!

We redirect leads generated through our lead form to the most active partners in our private Discord channel.

Create templates

Showcase your expertise by creating templates. Top-performing templates will be given higher visibility, and for any template-related queries, we'll direct clients to their authors.

Advantages of Partnership with Latenode

Participate in the resale of Latenode credit packages at a huge discount for early adopters. Use them for yourself or transfer them to client accounts at a price without a discount, and take the difference for yourself πŸ‘πŸΌ

High Commission

You receive up to 40% commission on every sale.

Drive Growth and Scale

Achieve business growth and enhance scalability by guiding customers in the creation and automation of various processes using Latenode.

Free Leads Β & Promo Assistance

We can send you potential clients who need to create or set up automation. We develop and maintain marketing resources for our Partners to facilitate their promotion efforts.

Exceptional Conditions

Trust and transparency are critical to building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. There are no hidden costs.

Volume Discount

When purchasing credits for a larger amount, you receive a favorable discount that will save you money.

Start Bonus

Yes! You receive 100 savings credits, which you can spend on your first test automations or cover initial startup costs.

Choose Your Discount

Help businesses discover automation using Latenode platform. Help customers build and implement automation solutions Β βœ…

20% Discount

Get from 100,000 to 490,000 Execution Credits

the cost of 1 credit is
You will earn $186 if you sell 490,000 credits to your clients for a common price πŸ”₯

30% Discount

Get from 500,000 to 5,000,000 Execution Credits

the cost of 1 credit is
You will earn $2,850 if you sell 5,000,000 credits to your clients for a common price πŸ”₯

40% Discount

Get from 5,000,000 to 9,990,000 Execution Credits

the cost of 1 credit is
You will earn $7,524 if you sell 9,900,000 credits to your clients for a common price πŸ”₯
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What is Latenode?

The Latenode platform perfectly meets the needs of both low-code experts and beginners. We offer affordable tools, comprehensive education, and responsive assistance throughout your automation journey ⚑️

Easily adapt scenarios to your changing business needs:

Connect and configure the logic of all applications that have an API
Make your development 10x cheaper and faster
Customize your scenarios with just a few clicks
Control all data flows between services and route it

Β Latenode was born to overcome the limitations of popular automation platforms

Our team has over 9 years of experience in low-code automation. After trying out everything, the ideas of Latenode became inevitable πŸ’«

Multiple triggers and ability to connect any to any πŸ”—

Custom code and custom filters βœ…

Iterate and set variables πŸš€

Make custom HTTP requests and build anything πŸ›Έ

Truly anything ❀️

How it works

Exploring the Credit Purchase Process and Invest Now πŸ’«

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Stijn de Vos
Founder of The Dot Father automation agency

"I am the founder of a digital automation agency, The Dot Father, based in Belgium, and have therefore used a large amount of automation tools so far, ranging from raw code to fully no-code solutions. Currently our main tools are a combination of Make and n8n (self-hosted, for automated processes with large amounts of operations) and of course custom code, where low/no-code tools fall short. Recently came across Latenode and I must say, I am very curious about its potential".

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What is a LN credit?

Latenode credit initiates your automation on the platform and runs it for 30 seconds. During that time most of your scenarios will be executed successfully. Unlike some other platforms, Latenode does not charge usage fees based on the number of steps.

Where can I find out how many credits I have left?

Once billing is activated for the Latenode platform, you'll have access to a counter in your account. Before that, you can rely on the confirmation email we send right after the purchase.

If I already use Latenode with the basic package, can I also buy a package of credits?

Packages can be purchased by anyone - both new orΒ  current users. You can purchase the required package of credits and receive bonuses. Your current base rate will also remain valid until the end of the term.

Can we help you decide on your goal?Β 

If you need help choosing, contact us [email protected]

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