Integrate WPForms with Any App: No-Code + Full-Code Power | Latenode

Integrate WPForms with Any App: No-Code + Full-Code Power | Latenode

Effortlessly integrate WPForms with any other app using Latenode's no-code integration platform. Discover the power of combining no-code simplicity with full-code flexibility to create custom workflows and automate your business processes.

WPForms Actions

A no-code WPForms Action nodes will be available soon.

Meanwhile, you could request a fast-track app development or  create action with a low-code

These are the things that can be done using WPForms Actions:

WPForms Triggers

A no-code WPForms Trigger nodes will be available soon.

Meanwhile, you could request custom trigger development here.

These are the things that can be done using WPForms Triggers:


Authorization will be available soon.

If you need this app integration you could request a fast-track app development.

What is WPForms

WPForms is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create custom forms for your website. It offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, making it simple to build contact forms, registration forms, surveys, and more without any coding knowledge.

WPForms integrates with various email marketing services, payment gateways, and other third-party tools to extend its functionality. By connecting WPForms with other apps, you can streamline your workflows and automate tasks, saving time and effort.

How to integrate WPForms with any app using

Step 1: Sign up for WPForms and set up authorization inside

To get started, sign up for a WPForms account if you haven't already. Then, head over to and create an account. Inside, navigate to the 'Authorizations' section and add your WPForms account. This will allow to securely access your WPForms data.

Step 2: Create a workflow in to integrate WPForms with any app

In, create a new workflow and select WPForms as the trigger app. Choose the specific form and event that will initiate the workflow, such as a new form submission. Next, add the desired action app and configure the necessary settings. For example, you can send form data to a Google Sheet, create a new lead in your CRM, or trigger a custom email.

Step 3: Send form submissions to email

One of the most popular actions in WPForms is sending form submissions to a specified email address. In, you can easily set up a workflow that automatically forwards form entries to your email inbox. Simply choose the 'Send Email' action, customize the email template, and map the form fields to the appropriate email fields.

Automate any workflow for WPForms with

Automating workflows is crucial for streamlining your business processes, reducing manual work, and ensuring data consistency across multiple platforms. With, you can create powerful automations for WPForms without writing a single line of code.

Example 1: Create new leads in your CRM

Automatically create new leads in Salesforce from WPForms submissions

Integrate WPForms with Salesforce to automatically create new leads whenever a user submits a contact form on your website. Map the form fields to the corresponding lead fields in Salesforce, such as name, email, and phone number. This automation ensures that your sales team has access to the most up-to-date lead information without manual data entry.

Add new HubSpot contacts from WPForms registrations

Connect WPForms with HubSpot to seamlessly add new contacts to your HubSpot account when users register through your website forms. Map the form fields to the appropriate contact properties in HubSpot, allowing you to segment and nurture your leads effectively.

Example 2: Add form submissions to a Google Sheet

Log WPForms survey responses in a Google Sheet

Automatically log all survey responses submitted through WPForms into a designated Google Sheet. Set up a workflow that adds each form submission as a new row in the sheet, including the timestamp and all form fields. This automation makes it easy to analyze and visualize survey data without manually exporting and importing files.

Track event registrations from WPForms in a Google Sheet

Keep track of event registrations collected through WPForms by automatically adding each registration as a new row in a Google Sheet. Include relevant form fields such as attendee name, email, and ticket type. This automation helps you manage event attendees and plan logistics more efficiently.

Example 3: Trigger custom email notifications

Send personalized order confirmation emails using WPForms and Gmail

Trigger personalized order confirmation emails to customers whenever they submit an order form through WPForms. Use the 'Send Email' action in to create a custom email template that includes the customer's name, order details, and a thank you message. Map the relevant form fields to the email template to ensure accurate information is sent to each customer.


Integrating WPForms with other apps and automating workflows using can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your business processes. By leveraging the power of low-code integration, you can connect WPForms with various tools and create custom automations without any technical expertise.

Start exploring the possibilities of WPForms integrations and automations with today. Sign up for a free account, connect your apps, and unleash the potential of seamless data flow across your favorite tools.

Popular workflows automations with WPForms

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Create custom WPForms workflows by choosing triggers, actions, and searches. A trigger is an event that launches the workflow, an action is the event that occurs as a result of the trigger.

Automate this WPForms events

What could you do with WPForms automation

Make search with WPForms No-Code integrations

Build Custom WPForms Integrations with Latenode

Quickly automate WPForms integrations with Latenode templates

Popular WPForms Workflows

Looking to get more out of WPForms? With Latenode, you can visually integrate WPForms into any workflow to save time and resources — no coding required. Try for free in just a few clicks.
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Integration platforms often provide a vast array of apps with no-code connectors. While we do offer several no-code nodes, we believe that no-code solutions can be limiting in some ways. Therefore, we think that users should have complete freedom to create any kind of integration they want with AI support. To that end, we offer a tool that allows you to write your own integration using JS code and an AI copilot.
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