How it works

With the integration of Latenode and ClearBit, you can easily access a person's first name, LinkedIn profile, company description, and size, among other details.

What is ClearBit? Can ClearBit Serve as an Email Reverse Lookup Tool?

ClearBit is a data enrichment platform, excelling in the realm of customer data enrichment and email intelligence services. It's particularly adept at providing profile enrichment from email. When you have just an email address, Clearbit can fetch additional information about the individual or company associated with it. This includes job title, employer details, and even CRM data enrichment for more effective marketing and customer interaction strategies.

Using ClearBit for Automated Data Enrichment in Your Business

Latenode allows you to seamlessly integrate the ClearBIT API into your workflows. Whether it's for sales lead data enrichment or contact data enrichment, you can set up scenarios to process new emails or bulk enrich a database of emails.

Template to Copy: Bulk Enrichment

This template is not just for bulk processing but can be adapted for various ClearBIT scenarios, enhancing your lead enrichment software capabilities.

Step 1: Prepare a Google Spreadsheet for Business Email Enrichment

Start with a Google Sheet containing email addresses.

We need to add a specific status to each row we want to enrich. That way, we give commands to Latenode on which emails to use for enrichment. As an example, let it be “not_enriched.”

Step 2: Set Up Your Scenario

Integrate your Google Sheets with Latenode's no-code nodes. Then:

  • Use a Google Sheet node to find rows marked “not_enriched” and pull them into Latenode.
  • An Iterator node processes each row number, passing it to the next node.
  • Another Google Sheet node retrieves the email from each row for ClearBit processing.
  • The HTTP Request node sends the email to ClearBit, receiving an API response with enriched data.
  • Add Google Sheet ‘Update Cell’ nodes as needed to input data from the ClearBit response into your spreadsheet.

Step 3: Activate Your Latenode Scenario

Save your scenario and use the webhook URL from the first trigger node to initiate the process. This simple action enriches your emails with crucial details like company name, description, and contact information.

This approach not only enhances your email to company information capabilities but also integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM systems, offering comprehensive email lookup for business and a robust foundation for your email intelligence services.

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How does Latenode help maximize opportunities?

By integrating all your marketing tools in one place through data integration, Latenode helps you gain a comprehensive view of your operations. This enables you to identify potential opportunities more easily and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Does using Latenode require any special technical skills?

No, using Latenode for data integration does not require any special technical skills. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation for data integration, even for non-tech savvy users.

Can I customize my toolset on Latenode?

Yes, you can customize your data integration toolset on Latenode according to your specific business needs. This flexibility in data integration allows you to choose only those tools that align with your marketing strategy.

What is Latenode?

Latenode is a powerful data platform designed to simplify the integration of various marketing tools. It provides an integrated system that eliminates data discrepancies and enhances operational efficiency through seamless integration.

How does Latenode streamline tool integration?

Latenode streamlines data tool integration by providing a single platform where all your marketing and data tools can be linked together seamlessly. This integration eliminates the need for manual data transfer between different systems, reducing errors and saving time.‍