Anthropic Claude AI: Pricing and Features

Radzivon Alkhovik
Low-code automation enthusiast, Latenode partner
July 10, 2024
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What is Anthropic Claude AI?

Anthropic Claude AI is a powerful artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Anthropic, a California-based AI startup founded by former OpenAI employees. Using a unique approach called "Constitutional AI", Anthropic has trained Claude to be safe, ethical, and aligned with human values. Claude stands out for its conversational fluency, factual accuracy, and rapid summarization capabilities.

You can try Newest AI Anthropic Claude for free on Latenode

Claude AI Pricing

Claude pricing charges per input and output token processed, with varying rates depending on the model.

On-Demand Pricing

Claude's on-demand Claude 3pricing charges per input and output token processed:



Price per 1000 Input Tokens

Price per 1000 Output Tokens

Claude Instant



Claude 2.0



Claude 2.1



Claude 3 Haiku



Claude 3 Sonnet



Claude 3 Opus



Claude 3.5 Sonnet



Provisioned Throughput Pricing

For large, consistent workloads, Provisioned Throughput pricing offers hourly rates per model unit:


No Commitment (Max 1 Unit)

1 Month Commitment

6 Month Commitment

Claude Instant








API Pricing

Anthropic provides Claude Api Pricing based on input and output tokens processed. Amazon Bedrock also offers Claude through its platform, with both on-demand and provisioned throughput options available.



Context Window

Price per MTok (Input)

Price per MTok (Output)

Claude 3.5 Sonnet

Our most intelligent model to date




Claude 3 Opus

Powerful model for complex tasks




Claude 3 Haiku

Fastest, most cost-effective model



$1.25 Plans





- Talk to Claude on the web and iOS

- Ask about images and docs

- Access to Claude 3.5 Sonnet

- Free for everyone



- Everything in Free

- Use Claude 3 Opus and Haiku

- Higher usage limits versus Free

- Create Projects to work with Claude around a set of docs, code, or files

- Priority bandwidth and availability

- Early access to new features

$20 per person/month


- Everything in Pro

- Higher usage limits versus Pro

- Share and discover chats from teammates

- Central billing and administration

$30 per person/month*

How to Use Claude AI

Getting started with Claude AI is straightforward:

  • Sign up for an account at login using your email address.
  • Acknowledge Anthropic's Acceptable Use Policy and understand that Claude may occasionally generate incorrect information.
  • Enter your prompts directly into the text box or upload files (PDF, Word docs, etc.) for Claude to analyze.
  • Be clear and specific with your queries to get the best results. Provide context where possible.
  • Practice engaging with Claude to explore its capabilities and limitations for your specific use cases.

How you can Automate your Business Processes with Newest Version of AI Anthropic Claude and Latenode

Latenode's seamless integration of Anthropic's Claude provides users with a robust tool to leverage the potential of conversational AI without the complexity of deploying the model on their own infrastructure. The platform's intuitive visual editor simplifies the process of integrating Claude with other systems via APIs, allowing businesses to effortlessly incorporate the AI's sophisticated language understanding and generation capabilities into their automation processes. By using Latenode, users can conveniently access Claude's features, including its powerful AI vision capabilities, task automation, research assistance, data analysis, and more. The integration also enables users to seamlessly switch between Claude's different versions, depending on their specific needs and budget. For example, creating a simple script for a Telegram chatbot that generates answers to questions is straightforward. 

Here's what the script looks like:

‍And here is the result of this scenario, where an already created chatbot using Latenode answers us to a given question:

You can learn more about this script and the integration with Latenode in this article. The integration with Latenode offers a few key benefits:

  • Ease of use: Latenode's integration with AI Anthropic simplifies the process of using AI, making it easier for non-technical users to access and understand the AI capabilities they need. This can help businesses to quickly and easily adopt AI solutions, without requiring extensive technical expertise.
  • Flexible pricing: Latenode's integration allows users to choose between Anthropic Claude different versions, with varying costs and features, making it a more accessible and affordable option for businesses and individuals.
  • Comprehensive AI solutions: Latenode's integration of AI Anthropic Claude provides users with access to a wide range of AI capabilities, from complex tasks to simple queries, making it a versatile and powerful AI platform.
  • Customization: With Latenode's integration, users can customize Claude to meet their specific needs, allowing them to create tailored AI solutions that are aligned with their business goals and objectives.

And here is the result of this scenario, where an already created chatbot using Latenode answers us to a given question:

If you need help or advice on how to create your own script or if you want to replicate this one, contact our Discord community, where the Low-code automation experts are located.

You can try Newest AI Anthropic Claude for free on Latenode

Claude AI Models and Features

Anthropic offers several Claude models, each with distinct features:

  • Claude 2: Introduced in July 2023, Claude 2 excels at reading and analyzing long documents (up to 150,000 words or 500 pages).
  • Claude 3 (Haiku, Sonnet, Opus): Launched in March 2024, the Claude 3 series offers varying levels of capability and sophistication. Claude 3 Sonnet, the most popular model, demonstrates advanced visual understanding and introduces Artifacts for seamless content generation and modification.
  • Claude 3.5 Sonnet: An upgrade to Claude 3 Sonnet, doubling the processing speed while maintaining cost-efficiency. It sets new benchmarks in coding, mathematical reasoning, and context recall.
  • Claude Instant: A lighter, faster version of Claude, ideal for rapid interactions.


Is Claude AI free to use?

Claude AI offers a free version with limitations (around 30 messages per day). For more advanced features and higher usage limits, Claude Pro is available at $20 per month.

How does Claude compare to ChatGPT in terms of pricing and features?

Claude's free tier is more capable than ChatGPT's, providing access to Claude 2. However, ChatGPT's paid tier (ChatGPT Plus) offers additional features like image understanding and web browsing, which Claude Pro currently lacks. Pricing for API access is comparable between the two.

What are the key use cases for Claude across industries?

Claude excels in tasks such as data processing, sales and marketing (product recommendations, trend forecasting), automation (code generation, quality control), and time-saving operations like text parsing from images. Its advanced language understanding makes it valuable for context-sensitive customer support and multi-step workflow orchestration.

How can I access Claude AI?

Claude AI is accessible through the Anthropic API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Cloud's Vertex AI. Users can also interact with Claude directly on the website or via the Claude iOS app.

What is the maximum output length of Claude models?

The maximum output length varies by model, with Claude 3.5 Sonnet capable of generating up to 4096 tokens in a single response. This allows for detailed, expansive answers to complex prompts.

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