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Integromat is Gone… Migrate to Low-code Platform Latenode

Oleg Zankov
CEO Latenode, No-code Expert
September 12, 2023
A low-code platform blending no-code simplicity with full-code power
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Say no to chaotic work. Automate your tasks now.

Latenode is a low-code platform for automating any business processes you need. It combines the simplicity of no-code tools with quick drag-and-drop automations, and the ability to create complex architecture.

Choose integrations from our no-code library; use HTTP requests; connect NPM packages; add JavaScript modules; or ask the in-built AI assistant for custom code. All these possibilities allow everyone to tap into the full-code potential, even without technical hard skills.

Meet Latenode!

And no, it’s not just about business process automation. Latenode is also the perfect cloud environment for building services and applications, unlocking the programming world for those who never saw themselves as coders.

Latenode’s Team

Our founding team launched two successful multi million businesses behind them. One from 2014, another from 2018. And that’s exactly where building and automating businesses in a low-code environment started for us.

During these years, our veteran team of developers, with its leader, CTO of Latenode – Oleg Zankov, has tried a whole variety of different tools. Starting from self-hosted open-source Huginn and ending with Zapier, Make, and n8n, our team didn’t find the perfect solution for their businesses, so they started thinking about their own tool.

While Latenode is still a startup, our team counts 16 professionals. The dominant part is tech specialists focusing on our core product – the low-code platform itself:

  • New applications are constantly being added to our library, so the no-code journey becomes smoother for new people in the field.
  • The variety of functions and operators keeps expanding, making the process of automating as flexible as possible.
  • Coding capabilities are relentlessly extending, as long as building on Latenode is connected to all the AI advantages our modern world has.

The Latenode team has just introduced its Code AI Copilot that understands the context of your scenarios on the platform and suggests the exact code you need. Just ask for it!

Code AI Copilot within JavaScript module

Vision & Mission

As AI and other technologies evolve, people shift their focus from boring routine tasks to more creative and fulfilling endeavors. Low-code tools are one of the ways we can speed up this transition. And that’s precisely what modern businesses want!

As we know from Forrester research, the low-code solutions market has a 28.6% annual growth rate, with a total valuation around $25 billion. They expect this growth trend to continue and forecast the low-code market to reach $68 billion by 2026.

As true enthusiasts of automation, we aspire to make our significant contribution to this process and present the tool everyone (including ourselves :p) needs.

Our founding story :-) Perfect time for Latenode!

That's a very unique situation we've been put in... As we've said before, we have had two actively operating businesses since 2014, and our final decision about which low-code tools to use was Integromat (Make's parent). It was nice, and we built 150+ scenarios that supported one of our core products: some scenarios leveraged its development, while others established well-designed communication between the product and users. We were happy after our transition to Integromat, but in Feb 2022, the Integromat team announced Make – a new product with a different architecture, 3x the price, and promises about a smooth transition to Make that didn't materialize even after a year.

Slightly later, they informed us that Integromat would be fully deactivated in September 2023. Because the new terms didn't satisfy us, we began to build our own tool. That's precisely where our 9+ years of automation experience converged, allowing us to extract the maximum benefit from it. And… we’re in September 2023, and during this month we’re going to finally change our low-code tool from Integromat to our own solution – Latenode. After that, we’ll be launched publicly, but for now…

we’re staying in Beta and suggesting free access to our early adopters who found themselves in the same situation as we are.

Latenode vs Make (post-Integromat)

The differences lie in the details. We spent considerable time learning about the limitations of Integromat & Make firsthand. When we launched Latenode, our primary goal was to bring some vital features to life. It's not just us who view these features as essential; the Make community feels the same. They've expressed their agreement by leaving thousands of upvotes on feature requests on their community platform. Take a look:

Feature requests from Make's community

We've addressed the major blind spots that kept our automation process from being as efficient and convenient as possible. Read more about it here:

Free access to everyone!

Imagine building an SEO micro-service to check how search engine robots perceive your website and categorize your content using Google NLP… This means you won't need several months to determine if your written articles align with your niche and boost your rank. Consider this simple scenario instead:

SEO Micro Service

What about a scenario where you receive information from a website form filled out by a potential client, send it to GPT-4, and immediately craft a customized email to engage with your lead? Additionally, ensure you record all the information from the form and the generated email in a Google Sheet for later analysis:

AI Instant Email

All of this and much more is available to you absolutely free until the end of the year (then, prices will be much lower than Make's, with fair charging for consumed CPU, not for activated modules in your scenario).

So, even if you're a newbie in automation, ask ChatGPT about what can be automated in your business and dive in! If you'd rather not automate these processes yourself, you can place an order for automation on Latenode in our Discord community, where you're sure to find assistance.

Our lovely low-code Community

Currently, our community is taking its first steps. Proactive low-code enthusiasts are accepting invitations to our Discord server – we're keen to receive your feedback! Which we'll then incorporate into our product, addressing any challenges you might encounter.

Let us emphasize: while we're in Beta, we're offering free access to all early adopters of the Latenode platform. Furthermore, our technical support promises swift responses directly from our platform developers. This provides a unique opportunity for you to build and create on Latenode in collaboration with us.

See you in our Discord community (join now!)

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