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First-Ever Lifetime Deal for Early Birds! 💸

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December 14, 2023
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Hey guys! Daniel from Latenode here.

The last few months have been very intense for us. We’re receiving more and more positive feedback about our Latenode – a low-code automation platform built by professionals for professionals. The amount of traction is increasing not only within our Discord community but also externally – in Facebook, LinkedIn groups, and Reddit threads. It's truly inspiring to see the resonance between our vision, our product, and your needs.

As a token of appreciation for all this valuable feedback you provide, we decided to run a very exclusive and time-sensitive offer for all our early adopters – a Lifetime Deal!

What is a Lifetime Deal?

Before we move on to the particular options, let's figure out what a Lifetime Deal (LTD) is, why we’re doing it, and why it's potentially an extremely good choice for you.

LTD is a unique opportunity that doesn't come around often. This is more than just an offer; it's a commitment from us to you, our early supporters.

1. Token of Our Appreciation

Here's the scoop: The Lifetime Deal is our way of saying 'Thank you 🙏' for believing in Latenode. It's a limited-time opportunity to get lifetime access to our platform. No fees, no subscriptions, just uninterrupted access to the best low-code automation tools on the market.

2. Our Guarantee of Your Further Feedback

But why are we doing this? Because we know the value of being in at the ground level. Early adopters, like you, are the backbone of our community. You've been with us from the start, providing invaluable feedback, and shaping Latenode into what it is today. This deal is our way of ensuring you continue to be a pivotal part of our journey to shape Latenode even further.

3. Your Tickets to All Upcoming Breakthroughs

Now, let’s talk reality. Opportunities like this are rare. Typically, LTD is something companies offer at the very beginning, and we’re no exception. Our platform is rapidly evolving, and this deal is your ticket to be a part of every breakthrough, every innovation, without ever paying extra.

4. Your Smart Investment Limited Asset

And there’s more to it. For the web developers, tech gurus, and business pros among you, this is a smart strategic move. Secure your spot now, and you’re set for any future project. Plus, when this deal is off the table, your account becomes a valuable asset. Imagine having something that's no longer available to others – it's not just a tool, it's an investment.

⚠️ Please note that this offer is only available for a limited time, and we cannot guarantee its availability in the future.

Lifetime Packages

Subscription plan options displayed on a website. Four plans are presented against a purple background with white cards. Each card has a title, icon, a brief description, and a price. From left to right: 'Starter LTD (3000)' with a running person icon for $249, 'Advanced LTD (6000)' with a bicycle icon for $499, 'Professional LTD (10000)' marked as 'Most popular' with a car icon for $699, and 'Team LTD (20000)' with an airplane icon for $1,490. Each card has a green 'Pay' button at the bottom.

Our packages start from $249, and execution credits are renewed every month. It means that your business can satisfy the need for an automation tool once and forever! ❤️‍🔥

Let’s break down our packages:

  1. Starter ($249) – 3000 execution credits per month
  2. Advanced ($499) – 6000 execution credits per month
  3. Professional ($699) – 10,000 execution credits per month
  4. Team ($1,490) – 20,000 execution credits per month

What is an Execution Credit? We have a fair pricing model that doesn't charge for every step in your workflow. Instead, we use Execution Credits which are based on the execution time of the entire scenario. 30 sec of exec time = 1 Credit.

Note that the Professional and Team packages have unique feature advantages. 

💢 Check out a detailed description here:

Questions? Ask in our Discord Community or [email protected].

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