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The Best Appointment Scheduling Apps in 2023

Avetis Grigoryan
Senior Developer
November 9, 2023
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Key takeaways:
In 2023, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and Setmore lead the pack as the best appointment scheduling apps, each offering unique features tailored to simplify and enhance how individuals and businesses manage their calendars and meetings.

In the fast-paced world of 2023, businesses demand efficiency in all operations, especially when managing appointments through meeting scheduling and booking apps. Acuity Scheduling and other booking software have become essential for this purpose. The best appointment scheduling apps, often referred to as meeting schedulers, have become a cornerstone for enhancing customer experience by offering convenience and streamlining booking processes with features like unlimited appointments and selectable time slots that integrate seamlessly with tools like Google Calendar. These scheduling apps not only simplify appointment bookings with advanced scheduling features but also serve as a key component in boosting organizational productivity through efficient scheduling software, especially when accessed via mobile apps. With the right meeting scheduler and booking software, companies can effortlessly coordinate calendars using booking apps, manage unlimited appointments across various appointment types, and provide customers with an easy way to book their appointment online through a booking website. For those seeking to elevate their service delivery through technology, exploring top-tier appointment scheduling software to book appointments is a strategic move that promises significant returns in client satisfaction and operational effectiveness. Implementing a robust task management system and meeting scheduler can streamline your processes, while an online booking page offers clients the convenience they demand.

What makes a great appointment or booking app?

In the realm of appointment scheduling with booking software, two things are paramount: ease of use and flexibility. Efficiently book appointments using a meeting scheduler that syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar. The best application services seamlessly blend into a company's workflow while catering to its unique demands, much like intuitive booking software.

Intuitive User Interface

Users crave simplicity. An app that gets you lost? No thanks! A great appointment scheduling tool guides you through booking appointments like a friend in a new city, with intuitive scheduling apps and software. It's about clear menus, big buttons, and zero guesswork. Imagine booking a hair appointment with just a few taps on your mobile device using a scheduling app – that's the goal of a meeting scheduler.

  • Ease of navigation: Quick access to all features.
  • Clarity in website and mobile app design: Clients easily navigate the acuity scheduling feature without frustration.

Customizable Features

One size doesn't fit all, especially in business. Whether it's a yoga studio's client app or a bustling law firm's website, customization is king for both bosses and their clients' appointments. The ability for users to tweak settings in scheduling apps means they can align the app with their specific operational needs, offering the option to manage appointments directly through their website.

  • Service-specific settings: Tailor bookings to the services offered.
  • Flexible scheduling options: Adjust time slots as needed.

Integration Capabilities

Integrating with other software and apps is not just good manners; it's essential for efficiency whether you use a mobile app or website. Calendar syncing? Check. CRM compatibility? Absolutely. These scheduling app integrations ensure no double-bookings and keep everyone on the same page – literally, streamlining appointment scheduling software processes for all types of appointments, and enhancing the efficiency of your meeting scheduler.

  • Calendar synchronization: Avoid clashes with existing commitments.
  • Software partnerships: Seamless operation alongside other tools.

Reliable Reminders

Forgetfulness is human; reminders from calendar apps are divine—or at least mobile app saviors for tracking appointments. Mobile app notifications, including SMS alerts and email nudges, ensure appointment scheduling remains efficient, keeping no-shows low and satisfaction high while facilitating seamless payment through the app. They're like little appointment scheduling reminders saying, "Hey, don't forget your teeth cleaning appointment on your calendar tomorrow!"

  • Notification variety: Choose between emails, texts, or push notifications.
  • AI-driven scheduling software: Set your calendar once and trust it always sends appointment scheduling alerts.

Comparative Analysis of Top Schedulers

In 2023, the best appointment scheduling apps for managing your calendar and setting up meetings have evolved to offer a broad range of features and pricing options, helping you organize your plans efficiently. User feedback and AI-driven market share data provide valuable insights into their effectiveness, influencing meeting agendas and book publication plans.

Feature Comparison

The leading scheduling applications, designed as interactive calendars, boast diverse functionalities tailored for efficiently organizing monthly plans and meetings. Let's break down what each offers:

  • Calendly streamlines appointment scheduling and meeting planning by integrating with personal calendars, offering custom reminders, and managing your month efficiently.
  • Acuity Scheduling, an AI-powered calendar app, provides robust customization options, allowing businesses to plan and brand their scheduling pages.
  • Setmore, a scheduling app, supports class bookings and includes a calendar feature in its free plan with basic meeting management suitable for startups.

Each app, whether for calendar management, plan organization, scheduling tasks, or meeting coordination, has its unique strengths, making side-by-side comparisons crucial for informed decisions.

Pricing Versus Functionality

Cost is often a deciding factor when choosing a meeting scheduling app with an integrated calendar plan. Here's how they stack up:

  • Calendly, a scheduling tool for organizing meetings, offers a free tier with essential features, while premium plans unlock more functionality for your calendar each month.
  • Acuity Scheduling, a calendar app, offers tiered pricing that scales with additional features like payment processing and enhanced meeting management per month.
  • Setmore remains competitive in the meeting scheduling app market with a no-cost calendar option and affordable upgrades for advanced needs.

Balancing budget against business requirements is key in selecting the right scheduling app for your calendar meetings.

User Reviews Insights

Real-world experiences shed light on the practicality of these calendar scheduling tools, like meeting apps.

  • Users laud Calendly's simplicity but desire more customization.
  • Acuity, a versatile scheduling app, receives praise for its calendar management but can overwhelm new users with its array of meeting options.
  • Setmore is celebrated for its ease-of-use in meeting scheduling; however, some find its calendar feature set limited.


  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Integration capabilities
  • Customizable settings


  • Potential complexity
  • Limited functions on free plans
  • Occasionally steep learning curves

Ratings from actual users are invaluable in gauging satisfaction levels with meeting scheduling on their calendar applications.

Market Share Reflections

Popularity can be indicative of reliability and user trust:

  • Calendly, a user-friendly scheduling calendar tool, boasts a significant market share due to its ease of integration and efficient meeting organization.
  • Acuity Scheduling, a robust calendar and meeting management tool, holds a strong position among businesses seeking extensive customization.
  • Setmore has carved out a niche amongst small businesses favoring straightforward solutions for meeting scheduling on their calendar.

Market presence often correlates with performance and dependability across various industries, much like how effective meeting scheduling can enhance a company's calendar management.

Feature/Aspect Calendly Acuity Scheduling Setmore
Integration Integrates with personal calendars Offers robust customization options for branding scheduling pages Includes calendar feature in its free plan
Custom Reminders Offers custom reminders Not explicitly mentioned, but typically included in such tools Basic meeting management
AI-Powered Not specified AI-powered for advanced customization Not specified
Class Bookings Not specified Not specified Supports class bookings
Pricing Free tier available; premium plans for more features Tiered pricing, more features at higher tiers including payment processing Free tier available; affordable upgrades for advanced needs
Cost for Premium Unspecified, but premium plans available Scales with additional features Affordable compared to others
Ease of Use Simple to use Can be overwhelming due to extensive features Easy to use, but with a possibly limited feature set
Customization Desires more customization options High praise for customization options Limited customization on the free plan
Complexity Simple, user-friendly Potential complexity due to many features Straightforward, easier learning curve
Market Share Significant market share Strong position among businesses for customization Niche market among small businesses
User Reviews Praised for simplicity Praise for calendar management but can overwhelm Celebrated for ease-of-use; calendar features seen as limited
Pros Intuitive interface, easy integration, custom reminders Customization, robust features, brandable scheduling pages User-friendly, supports class bookings, budget-friendly
Cons Limited functions on free plan, desires more customization Potentially overwhelming complexity, steep learning curve for new users Limited feature set on the free plan

Calendly's Automated Booking Features

In 2023, Calendly stands out as an efficient calendar tool with its one-click meeting scheduling and time zone intelligence. Its embeddable widgets and workflow automation with tools like Zoom streamline the scheduling and calendar management for your meeting booking process.

One-Click Scheduling

Calendly simplifies setting up meetings to just a click. This scheduling feature cuts down on back-and-forth emails, allowing users to select available times directly from your unique calendar booking pages for setting up meetings.

  • Users share their Calendly link for easy meeting scheduling via email or messaging platforms to streamline their calendar.
  • Invitees can schedule a meeting by picking a calendar time slot without needing to sign up for Calendly.

Time Zone Intelligence

The app automatically adjusts for different time zones. Efficient scheduling ensures that everyone shows up on their calendar for the meeting at the correct time, no matter where they are in the world.

  • Each party manages their scheduling by viewing the meeting times on their calendar in their local time zone.
  • Using a calendar reduces the risk of missed meetings due to confusion over timing.

Website Integration Widgets

Calendly offers calendar widgets that can be embedded into any booking website for easy meeting scheduling. These calendar tools make it possible for clients to book meeting appointments without leaving your site.

  • Embedding unique calendar booking pages for meeting scheduling into your website enhances user experience.
  • Maintains branding consistency across your online presence.

Workflow Automation

Integration with popular tools like Zoom automates meeting setups. Once a meeting appointment is scheduled, Calendly can trigger other actions within connected apps through integration.

  • Automatically generates Zoom links when a meeting is booked.
  • Sends automated meeting reminders through Google Calendar syncs, reducing no-shows at meetings.

Advanced Features

Other notable features of Calendly include:

Calendar Sync

Ensures real-time updates across all calendar integrations, such as Google Calendar and Outlook, preventing double bookings for meetings.

Unlimited Booking Pages

Create multiple booking pages tailored to different services, team members, or meeting types without additional cost.

Payment Gateway Integration

Secure payment processing through integrations with payment gateways allows for prepayment during the meeting booking process if required.

Customizable Time Slots

Tailor your availability for any meeting precisely with customizable time slots that fit your schedule perfectly.

Automated Reminders

Set up automated reminders to ensure participants are prepared and punctual for their meeting appointments.

By leveraging these advanced features of Calendly:

  • Freelancers streamline client meeting consultations while maintaining control over their calendars.
  • Sales teams automate lead capture and follow-ups, increasing efficiency in meeting conversion rates and objectives.
  • Support services reduce wait times by providing customers immediate access to help sessions and meeting assistance based on real-time availability.

These features collectively create a seamless meeting experience not only for service providers but also for clients seeking convenience in scheduling their appointments. As businesses continue to adapt in 2023, using a meeting scheduling app like Calendly could very well become an industry standard given its robust capabilities and user-friendly interface for organizing meetings. With these tools at hand, managing meeting schedules becomes less about juggling calendars and more about focusing on what really matters – connecting with people and growing your business during each meeting.

HubSpot Meetings for Team Coordination

HubSpot Meetings integrates perfectly with CRM systems, streamlining client interactions. It offers personalized booking links for scheduling meetings and email follow-ups to maintain professionalism and engagement in meeting coordination.

Syncs With CRM

HubSpot Meetings isn't just about setting a time to chat; it's a powerhouse that connects directly with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration ensures that every meeting or appointment booked is logged, keeping customer data and interaction histories right at your fingertips. Imagine never losing track of a client conversation again!

Group Meeting Options

When you're juggling multiple team members, coordinating group meetings can be like herding cats. But not with HubSpot Meetings! It simplifies the process by allowing clients to book meetings with teams, ensuring everyone's on the same page - literally.

  • Schedule events for entire departments
  • Facilitate workshops or group training sessions
  • Organize cross-functional team collaborations

Personalized Booking Links

First impressions count in any meeting, and in the business world, they start with how you handle these crucial appointments. With HubSpot Meetings, you send out personalized booking links that scream professionalism. They tell your clients that you're not just another face in the crowd at a meeting; you're the real deal.

  • Tailor meeting types to specific services offered
  • Create unique links for individual team members
  • Enhance brand identity through customized booking experiences

Email Sequences Follow-Up

After a new meeting is set, what's next? HubSpot doesn't leave things hanging. Automated email sequences keep the conversation going, nudging clients about upcoming meetings and providing them with all they need to prepare for an engaging meeting.

  • Send reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Share pre-meeting material or agendas
  • Keep communication lines open post-meeting for feedback and further scheduling

The tech stack supporting these features ensures that whether it's a one-on-one consultation or coordinating large-scale group events, every meeting runs without a hitch.

In comparison to Calendly's automated booking features discussed earlier, HubSpot Meetings takes functionality up a notch by deeply integrating into your tech ecosystem via party integration capabilities. This synergy between tools empowers your editorial team to manage meeting events effectively while maintaining focus on content creation rather than administrative tasks.

By leveraging multiple meeting types within its framework, HubSpot Meetings adapts fluidly whether it’s Google Meet or any other virtual event platform being used. The flexibility in scheduling a meeting here is key—not only does it cater to various business meeting needs but also accommodates diverse client preferences for meeting times and formats.

To sum up:

  • Streamlined CRM integration enhances client management.
  • Group bookings made easy boost team coordination.
  • Customizable links project an air of professionalism.
  • Automated emails ensure consistent follow-up engagement.

No matter if you’re hosting webinars or planning corporate roundtables - the right tool makes all the difference in orchestrating successful meetings without dropping the ball on productivity or customer care.

Zoho Bookings: Versatility on a Budget

Zoho Bookings emerges as an affordable, feature-rich booking software for scheduling meetings in 2023. It offers unlimited meeting bookings with a slew of customization options to cater to various business needs.

Affordable Pricing Options

Zoho Bookings stands out with its budget-friendly approach. From solopreneurs to large enterprises, there's a meeting pricing tier that fits snugly into any financial plan.

  • Free version for those just getting their feet wet.
  • Enterprise pricing available for larger operations needing more horsepower.

Customization Galore

Flexibility is the name of the game with Zoho Bookings for your meeting scheduling needs. Users can tweak and tune their booking pages to their heart's content, ensuring brand consistency and personal touch.

  • A plethora of customization choices at your fingertips.
  • Tailor everything from email notifications to booking forms.

Real-Time Availability

Double bookings? Not on Zoho Bookings' watch. The app keeps everyone in the loop with up-to-the-minute updates on availability.

  • Synchronizes across all calendars to avoid scheduling mishaps.
  • Instant updates mean clients see your availability as it changes.

Seamless Zoho Integration

For those already in the Zoho ecosystem, integration is smooth sailing. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

  • Syncs effortlessly with other Zoho apps such as CRM and Mail.
  • Centralized data means less hassle, more action.

Acuity Scheduling's Customer Engagement Tools

Acuity Scheduling enhances client interaction and boosts sales opportunities through various user-friendly features. Its advanced reporting and tailored communications streamline service provider-client relationships.

Empower Customer Control

Clients love being in the driver’s seat. Acuity provides that power by allowing them to book their own appointments at their convenience. This self-scheduling capability is not just a win for customer autonomy; it also reduces the workload on your end.

  • Clients schedule without back-and-forth emails.
  • Reduces administrative tasks for service providers.

Boost Sales Opportunities

Who doesn't like a good deal? Acuity's platform comes equipped with tools to offer packages, memberships, and gift certificates. These features are not mere add-ons but strategic tools designed to enhance revenue streams.

  • Packages encourage bulk bookings.
  • Memberships foster long-term client commitment.
  • Gift certificates serve as an excellent marketing tool.

Track Business Performance

Knowledge is power, especially. With Acuity's advanced reporting features, you can keep a close eye on how your business performs over time. This data-driven approach aids in making informed decisions that propel growth.

  • Generates detailed reports on demand.
  • Helps in identifying trends and areas of improvement.

Improve Communication

Communication is key in any relationship, particularly between clients and service providers. Acuity understands this well, offering tailored confirmations and reminders that ensure everyone is on the same page—quite literally.

  • Customizable email support enhances user experience.
  • Reminders decrease no-shows significantly.

Homebase for Retail Workforce Management

In the bustling world of retail, efficient shift planning and resource management are not just beneficial; they're crucial. Homebase offers a tailored solution for retail businesses, ensuring that staff members are managed effectively with an eye on payroll accuracy.

Optimized Shift Planning

Retail environments are dynamic, with needs changing from one moment to the next. Homebase provides a robust platform where business owners can craft schedules that reflect the unique demands of their industry.

  • Visual calendar interfaces make it easy to manage shifts.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies rescheduling.

This level of optimization ensures that every staff member is utilized to their fullest potential without overburdening any individual.

Integrated Time Clock

Accuracy in tracking hours worked is paramount in retail. The time clock feature within Homebase isn't just about noting start and end times—it's a comprehensive tool that feeds directly into payroll systems.

  • Minimizes errors in wage calculations.
  • Reduces administrative overhead for managers.

By integrating these elements, businesses safeguard against costly mistakes and ensure staff members receive fair compensation for their work hours.

Employee Availability Tracking

Knowing when your team is available to work helps avoid scheduling conflicts before they arise. With Homebase, employee availability tracking becomes less of a headache and more of a strategic advantage.

  • Staff can submit their availability remotely.
  • Managers can view collective availability at a glance.

This functionality allows small businesses and international businesses operating across multiple locations to maintain harmony among their entire workforce effortlessly.

Mobile Schedule Access

In our always-on-the-go culture, mobile accessibility isn't just nice—it's necessary. Homebase ensures that every staff member has real-time access to their schedules via its mobile app, fostering better communication and preparedness among teams.

  • Empowers staff members with schedule control.
  • Alerts notify employees of upcoming shifts or changes instantly.

For professionals balancing work with the rest of life's demands, this kind of immediate access can be a game-changer, allowing them to plan around their work commitments seamlessly.

Homebase stands out as an essential tool for retail business owners looking to streamline workforce management while maintaining high levels of productivity among their teams. Whether you're managing a single location or juggling the complexities of an international business empire, this app brings order and efficiency where it's needed most - on the shop floor where every minute counts towards customer satisfaction and bottom-line results. It’s clear why many consider it one of the best appointment scheduling apps in 2023 for those in retail sectors seeking peace-of-mindNo boss wants to deal with the headache of payroll mishaps or understaffed shifts ever again!

Discovering the Best Free Scheduling Applications

Evaluating free scheduling tools involves considering their features against paid versions. Free plans often have scalability limits and specific security challenges.

Criteria Evaluation

To measure the worth of free scheduling software, we must look beyond the price tag. It's about how well these tools streamline your scheduling process without costing a dime.

  • Functionality: Does the free version offer enough to manage your schedule effectively?
  • Ease of Use: Can users navigate the software without needing a manual?

Free versions may lack advanced features but should still nail the basics like creating and sharing scheduling links, setting up scheduling rules, and task management.

Scalability Limits

Growth is good until you hit a wall with your free plan. As businesses expand, so do their needs for more robust scheduling apps that can handle an increasing load of appointments.

  • Small teams might thrive on a free tool.
  • Larger organizations could find them restrictive.

Thinking ahead saves you from outgrowing your software too quickly and facing migration headaches down the road.

Security Must-Haves

We're talking about data here-sensitive stuff. Free doesn't mean careless.

  • Encryption is non-negotiable.
  • Regular updates are crucial to fend off cyber threats.

A secure scheduling tool is not just a nice-to-have; it's essential for maintaining trust and compliance with privacy laws.

Top Free Apps

Now let's spotlight some champs among free appointment schedulers as of 2023. These tools have earned their stripes by offering solid functionality without asking for your credit card details.


SavvyCal makes it easy peasy to align calendars for hassle-free meeting setup. Its intuitive interface is a breath of fresh air in the often complex world of scheduling software.


The big kahuna in the space, Calendly’s free version is generous enough for solopreneurs or small teams looking to simplify their booking process.


Doodle steps up with its group polling feature, perfect for finding that elusive time slot everyone agrees on without breaking into a sweat.

HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings ties into CRM seamlessly, making it a smart pick if you’re already in HubSpot’s ecosystem and want to keep everything under one roof.

Each app has its own flavor:

  • SavvyCal boasts personalized links that make booking feel like less of an inbox invasion.
  • Calendly offers simplicity with powerful integrations for popular services.
  • Doodle shines in coordinating multiple people efficiently.
  • HubSpot Meetings excels at integrating meetings into broader sales and marketing activities.

Remember, while all these apps offer great features in their free plans, they also have paid upgrades available when you're ready to scale up or need more sophisticated capabilities.

Choosing Your Ideal Scheduler

Selecting the right appointment scheduling app in 2023 hinges on understanding your specific business needs and customer preferences. Whether it's automated booking features, team coordination, budget-friendliness, customer engagement tools, or workforce management capabilities, the options are diverse. It's essential to weigh these factors against the usability and integration capabilities of each scheduler. Remember that a reliable scheduling app not only simplifies your booking process but also enhances your professional image and can lead to increased client satisfaction and retention.

As you consider which scheduler will best streamline your appointment setting process, take advantage of free trials or demos offered by these platforms. Experiencing the interface firsthand will provide valuable insights into how well the application aligns with your operational workflow. Make an informed decision to empower your business with efficiency and give yourself an edge in today's competitive market.

In the digital era, the quest for the perfect app to book appointments is akin to finding the holy grail for businesses and individuals alike. From apps for booking appointments to sophisticated appointment booking websites, the array of options can be dizzying. Whether you're looking to book your appointment with ease, manage a flurry of client meetings, or streamline your service offerings, the right appointment booking app can make all the difference.

The best appointment scheduling app often comes down to a blend of user-friendly design, robust features, and integration capabilities. For those on a budget, a free appointment scheduling app might be the first port of call, offering basic functionalities without the investment. However, for businesses with more complex needs, investing in a premium app for scheduling appointments or scheduling software for appointments might yield better returns in terms of customization and scalability.

An appointment calendar app is more than just a digital planner; it's a gateway to enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction. The appointment app of your choice should sync with your existing workflow, allowing you to focus on the human aspect of your business rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

In the fast-paced world of online appointment scheduling, discovering the right tool that aligns with your business needs is key to optimizing operations and elevating efficiency. Whether you're a small business owner seeking the cost-saving benefits of free appointment scheduling software or an established enterprise looking for a robust scheduling system, the best software makes booking a seamless experience for your clients, significantly reducing no-shows and improving communication.

Beyond the standard features, consider integrating your scheduling software with Latenode, a platform akin to Integromat but with expanded functionality that lets you not only automate business processes but also build custom micro-services for a wide range of needs. Latenode transforms your appointment scheduler into a powerhouse with features like a JavaScript module that welcomes custom code for complex scenarios, and an HTTP-request module to connect with external software not available in the standard library. Plus, with GPT-4 AI Co-Pilot integrated within, Latenode assists you in crafting code more efficiently and solving problems with AI-driven guidance.

Elevate your business’s scheduling capabilities today by exploring Latenode's revolutionary potential and ensure your appointment booking process is as innovative and forward-thinking as your services.

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