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Data enrichment automation that saves more than $30k annually

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April 18, 2024
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Hey there! Daniel from Latenode here. Today you're going to learn how to save tens of thousands of dollars on data enrichment inside your HubSpot CRM. If you want to know more about your customers than just their emails without spending $30,000 a year on direct integration between HubSpot & ClearBit, you've come to the right place. Let's look at a real-life example of how a company of our Lifetime Deal user was able to enrich data much more cost-effectively thanks to Latenode.

What is data enrichment?

Data enrichment involves enhancing data quality by incorporating valuable information such as demographics or purchase history, which is essential for businesses to gain deeper insights into their customers and improve decision-making processes. This process is particularly crucial for CRM data enrichment, customer data enrichment, and marketing data enrichment, where enriched data sets enable more personalized interactions and targeted marketing campaigns.

Tools like Clearbit and Apollo provide specialized data enrichment services that streamline the process and ensure access to accurate customer data, so you can make further actions to boost their engagement and conversion rates. Incorporating enrichment data into database improves data quality for better analysis. Understanding how to enrich data from your CRM are crucial for leveraging your knowledge about customers.

There is a direct integration between HubSpot and Clearbit that can save your back, but as with everything in this world, such an approach has its key drawback, namely cost. And once you have thousands of clients, and hundreds new per day, you have to resort to it quite often, and that's where your company budget becomes sensitive to your data enrichment process... Thanks to Latenode, there is a brilliant workaround that will optimize costs on gaining new insights about your customers. Let's dive deeper into how it works!

Here's what you'll need:

Low-code data enrichment for Hubspot CRM

low-code automation for data enrichment for hubspot crm

Here is a picture of what our scenario will look like, with which you will be able to enrich customer data while saving your budget significantly compared to direct integration between HubSpot and Clearbit. But what do all these nodes do?

1. Webhook trigger

Our first node accepts Webhook requests sent directly from Hubspot (first, you have to set it up within Hubspot "workflows"), which is configured to automatically send data to an external Webhook URL.

workflow automation on Hubspot CRM

This integration ensures that systems are continuously updated with the latest customer information, eliminating manual data entry errors.

2. Apollo enrichment

The second node sends customer emails from HubSpot CRM to Apollo's API for enrichment. In our case, we name an email as input and output full of different information, from personal geography to URLs of corporate social networks. In our case, we need only a Job Title, so let's process only that in the next node. However, you can obtain all the information you need to analyze customer preferences and key needs. Thanks to this data, you can improve the customer experience several times over because you know exactly what each individual needs.

3. Aggregating Job Titles for Insights

Our third node aggregates job titles based on criteria such as open dates without closing dates, indicating ongoing roles. This aggregation provides a consolidated view of job titles like "advisor" or "founder" across projects or departments. It facilitates better analysis of workforce dynamics and resource allocation within the organization.

filters between operations on low-code platform latenode

4. Job Title Validation and Enrichment

The fourth node checks if the job title information is present in HubSpot CRM. If the job title field is empty, the fifth cube runs to add the job titles aggregated in the third node. This system produces data that is of the highest possible quality, from which you can compose the ideal approach to each individual customer without spending a huge amount of money.

example of these automated tasks and their frequency

Our Lifetime Deal customer needs this scenario to run 110 times a day (110 new daily registrations on his project), which consumes 110 credits. In a month, 3300 successfully completed enrichments are achieved, while spending only 3300 credits.

To bring you more context, the low-code automation platform Latenode never bills you for the number of operations. We consider only the initiation of a scenario and its run for 30 seconds. So, a single execution of your workflow usually consumes 1 Latenode credit as long as 30 seconds is enough to perform almost everything within business needs.

To perform this number of repetitions of the scenario, the Advanced LTD plan perfectly fits the needs of our customer.

Credit is the internal currency to run the scenario and keep it active for 30 seconds

By utilizing Latenode's Advanced LTD plan priced at $499 (lifetime access) and purchasing the Pro plan in Apollo priced at $79/mo, businesses can achieve significant cost savings compared to integrating through Clearbit, which could cost from $33,000/year. This approach has helped our client access a wealth of information for only $578 for the first month, and only $79 starting from the second, when a couple of months ago they were getting the same amount of information for tens of thousands of dollars.

Here is the latest information on the cost of direct integration between HubSpot and Clearbit for data enrichment, from a Clearbit spokesperson:

the price tag that clearbit is offering

In addition to all this, the Advanced LTD plan gives its owner 6000 credits, i.e., after utilizing data enrichment automation, our customer still has almost half of the credits to explore and implement new and innovative scenarios as they arise, or to increase the number of requests from 110 to 200 per month.

Build the same automation on Latenode

In this article, we've explored how businesses can cut costs and improve efficiency by using Latenode and Apollo for a HubSpot data enrichment workflow. The featured scenario offers a budget-friendly solution for enhancing customer data quality and streamlining operations.

If you want the same automation - write to us in the Discord channel and we'll help you recreate this particular scenario!

By opting for Latenode's Advanced LTD plan and Apollo's Pro plan, companies can save significantly compared to methods like Clearbit, which could cost between $33,000 to $37,000 yearly. Our LTD user serves as an example of this cost-effective approach, accessing valuable insights and automation features for just $578—a fraction of their previous expenses.

Furthermore, the Advanced LTD plan not only delivers cost savings but also provides 6000 credits for exploring new possibilities or scaling up operations, ensuring long-term flexibility.

How do you like such business operation success? Let us know on Discord!

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