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Say no to chaotic work. Automate your tasks now.

Build your automated pdf to text extractor in a minute! Perfect solution for those who deal with large amounts of incoming CVs or other documents! Extract data from documents using remote workflow on!

Hi! I’m Radzivon from Latenode!

And I’d like to say that any kind of data extractors are extremely crucial for the existence and well-being of almost every business nowadays. Imagine your life today without having an ability to record your remote meeting with a transcript of the conversation, or if you had to actually read all the reports you get instead of sending them to ChatGPT to tell you what they are all about!

Run automatic text extraction from PDF with Latenode

Text extraction use-cases

Let’s look into the data extraction world to see its importance:

Finance & Law documents data extract.

Illustration of Finance & Law documents data extract

Everybody who works in these fields faces an extreme amount of paperwork every day. But since the papers evolved into pdf or text documents, which is great, ‘cause now we can use pdf and text extractors or pdf to text converters, so these data scraping tools are best friends of every lawyer and finance person.

E-commerce & Retail feedback data extraction

Illustration of E-commerce & Retail feedback data extraction

Data & text extraction tools are super useful for collecting and analyzing customer feedback. 

Using them, you can easily extract needed data from the reviews and comments, collect the keywords for SEO boost and better ads setting. 

Education & Personal life file scraping

Illustration of Education & Personal life file scraping

For education and your own projects, pdf scraper tools sort out lots of info fast. Students and teachers extract data from pdf articles for research and lessons. People also use these tools for personal files, like bills or health records, to keep things organized and easy to find. It saves time and helps with making good choices in school work and daily life.

But still, you have to get the file, send it to the AI, then take the extracted data and put it somewhere on your own! What would you call this process? Boring? Time-consuming? I’d say unnecessary, because you can spend half an hour to automate this workflow and spend your time on what really matters!

Automate extraction of pdf files without code using latenode

Latenode pdf extractor workflow

Just have a look!

Illustration of what makes pdf extractor workflow

What’s that? It’s a text extraction automation scenario on!

What does it do? It takes the CVs in PDF format from Google Drive, converts it to text using an online converter, extracts the needed data from text (like name, email and experience) using chatGPT Assistant, and then fills out the Google Spreadsheet with this data. Automatically!

What you have to do to recreate this pdf scraper workflow:

  • Create an AI assistant in your OpenAI account.
  • Create account on
  • Copy the template of this pdf extractor converter workflow from the template gallery.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to make it work for you
  • Visit Latenode’s Discord channel to ask our devs for help (if needed)

In this workflow I take files from Google Drive, extract text from pdf and send it to Google Sheets. You can easily replace them with the apps you need from the app library or using an HTTP-request feature!

But if this pdf to text scenario works for you, you can get a workflow that automatically 

Sonverts PDF CV files to text and fills out the Google sheet with important data, saving you hours of work

Pdf scraping results

gif showing the result of the work done Pdf scraping results

And you’ve just learned how to create a pdf extractor with no code on!

Also, there’s a video about it, don’t bother reading!

Once again, if you want somebody to help you, check out our Discord channel, we have some devs in it ready to assist!

See you soon and happy automating!

Run automatic text extraction from PDF with Latenode

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