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December 19, 2023
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Hi, Low-Code Kings! 👑

Our product and community are growing rapidly, and we can no longer go without providing you with regular updates on our platform. Starting now, you can expect a bi-weekly email overview featuring new Latenode killer features and materials designed to enhance your automation experience. ❤️

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🚀 Platform Updates:

Displaying errors in routes


Errors occurring in routes will now be displayed alongside the route itself, rather than in the nearest nodes. This update allows you to detect and correct errors more quickly, significantly speeding up your development process.

Template Library


In the latest update, we added an updatable section "Common Templates," where you can already find and copy basic templates for various scenarios. Additionally, we will soon add the ability to enrich the library with your own scenarios.

Wait Node


With our latest update, we have introduced the "Wait" node, which allows you to pause the execution of processes in your scenarios indefinitely. This can be done either with a specific delay or until a set date, without causing the scenarios to timeout. In the history, this status will be displayed as "waiting".

This will be particularly useful for creating sequences of actions, such as setting intervals in email sequences.

Variables in a JavaScript Node


You can now set and read the values of global and local variables directly within a JavaScript node, significantly increasing the flexibility of your automation logic.Using global variables, you can pass data between scenarios in an account, and local variables can be used within a single scenario

📄 Material Updates:

How to Easily Create New Integrations - While Latenode might not have thousands of pre-made zero-code integrations, we offer the remarkable ability to create custom integrations with any application in mere minutes!

Lifetime Deal for Early Birds - The Latenode platform is developing rapidly, and we’re receiving tons of positive feedback from you, our supportive community. As a token of our appreciation, we're excited to make you an exclusive, time-sensitive offer

Up to 89x Cheaper: Why Latenode is the Most Cost-Effective Platform -delve into our first case study on price comparison with popular automation tools. Learn from this and stay tuned for more!

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