Affiliate Program, Stickers in Scenarios, and Other Platform Updates

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October 20, 2023
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Hello! Latenode team here. The New Year holidays have come to an end, and we're back with our regular roundup of the latest news.

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🚀 Platform Updates

Notes in Scenarios

In our latest update, we've added a unique 'sticker' node, which allows you to place text stickers anywhere in your workspace. This feature enables you to annotate scenarios and jot down important information quickly and easily.

ChatGPT Node Update

In the latest update, we have significantly expanded the capabilities of the ChatGPT node.

Now you have access to the full functionality of the OpenAI API, which opens up a range of new possibilities:

• Creation and management of assistants: for flexible customization of assistants to fit your tasks.

• ChatGPT threads: the ability to interact in a dialogue format to maintain context.

• Image recognition feature.

Simplifying Debugging

To enhance your experience with testing and debugging scenarios, we've implemented the ability to utilize output data from previous nodes executed via 'run once'.

This will prove particularly advantageous in scenario testing, enabling the convenient testing of individual node chains within the scenario. Moreover, it facilitates rapid error detection, thus accelerating the development process.

Enhanced Connections UI

In our latest update, we've significantly revamped the system for selecting and creating connections in applications. We've developed a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily find the necessary connection without a lengthy search among all available apps.

Now, all connections are available in a compact menu, simplifying search and management.

New app: Webflow

Webflow is a powerful tool for website creation and content management, offering extensive capabilities for developers and designers.

Now, working with Webflow is possible through the Node, which opens up the following possibilities:

 • Collection Management: Manage collections by creating or removing items and accessing collection data.

 • Website Operations: Directly access and control website information from your system.

• Lists and Changes: Monitor collection items, including new, updated, and removed entries.

• Publication Automation: Get alerts for new site publications.

New App: Todoist

Todoist is a highly effective tool for managing tasks and projects, offering seamless organization for both personal and team workflows.

Now, working with Todoist is possible through Latenode, which opens up the following possibilities:

• Flexible Task Management: Easily create, update, search, and complete tasks.
• Project Management: Add and delete projects and their components.
• Team Collaboration: Enable comments and send invites to team members.
• Automation: Implement task filters and labels for streamlined management.

📄 Material Updates

Automation without API - Headless Browser - An article on how you can expand the capabilities of your automations using the Headless Browser tool, as well as a set of ready-made templates for it

Template to Copy: ClearBit B2B data enrichment - This ready-to-use solution on Latenode is perfect for businesses seeking to enhance customer data or find company info from an email. By the way, that's how we connect to you on LinkedIn ;p

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