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Radzivon Alkhovik
Low-code automation enthusiast, Latenode partner
March 8, 2024
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Say no to chaotic work. Automate your tasks now.

Hello everyone, I’m Radzivon from Latenode, and I’m here to tell you that you can create your own Support AI chatbot in 15 minutes, and pay almost nothing in comparison with what Support AI chat generators market provides!

Customer Support is always painful for any web product, let’s face it. Especially if your team is rather small, and you’re always lacking in human resources, it’s almost impossible not to use AI chatbots as a first line support solution.

One of the main advantages of our AI bot is that it can not just perform basic functions, but can learn from the company data that you give it and using this knowledge it can give full-fledged answers based on the specific features of your company. Let's familiarize ourselves with this in more detail:

Customized AI Chatbot Capabilities for Data-Driven Responses

The main requirement in 2024 for a bot based on artificial intelligence is learnability, thanks to which every person or company can personalize the bot for their needs by adding all the necessary information on which the bot will be guided when working. You can add both general information about your project and frequently asked questions for the most complete training of the bot, which will then be able to answer any question asked by the client about your project.

Given the level of bot training that we offer, your company will be able to support your customers 24 hours a day, you will not have to hire new employees, your current employees will not be overworked and you will be able to save money. In addition to all of the above, our bot can perform repetitive tasks, which in turn will also free your company from routine and help you focus on more important tasks in which you can not do without human intervention.

From what we can conclude that this bot will help you increase the efficiency of your company, reduce unnecessary work for people, and save money.

Create AI Bot at a fraction of the cost with Latenode

Creating support AI chatbot for website: pros & cons

Illustration of Support Ai Chatbot in real life

Having an AI bot as a first line of support obviously is a coin with 2 sides. Let’s go through all the factors first.

Support AI chatbot pros:

  • Website chatbot doesn’t require people human resources
  • This AI bot can deal with most customer questions
  • Chatbot for websites are easily customizable

Support website chatbot cons:

  • Complex issues still require people to be involved
  • Customers don’t really like speaking to AI bot instead of real people

We’ve faced the same problem, and the question has arisen: How to make an AI chatbot? We’ve done some research, found some tools, and since we’re developing an automation platform, we’ve tried to make an AI chat generator ourselves, and we did! And the best thing is, our custom website chatbot appeared to be extremely cheap!

But before I’ll show you our version of web chat bot, let’s see what’s on the market.

Intercom AI chatbot

Intercom is a tool that provides a full functionality to create an AI chatbot for websites, which is cool. But how much would it cost to generate, let’s say, 100 replies?

Illustration of Intercom AI price,  Intercom AI chatbox pricing

Like it’s said on their website, 1 successful reply would cost $0.99, which leaves us with $99 for a hundred replies of the AI chat bot.

Chatbase AI bot for website

Chatbase is another AI chatbox solution we’ve encountered, and it allows you to add an AI chat widget powered by chatGPT to your website. But let’s look at the pricing!

Illustration of Chatbase AI price,  Chatbase pricing

According to their pricing, 100 replies of their website AI chat bot would cost:

Monthly Price / (Credits Amount / Credits Per Request)

($19 / (2,000 / 10)) * 100 = $9.5

Wow, that is extremely cheaper, but I believe we could save even more money! It’s time to see our custom AI chat bot.

Latenode + Chatwoot + ChatGPT

Save money when creating an AI chatbot for website with Latenode

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome!

Here’s our custom solution that we’d like to share with you. What you see on this picture is an automation scenario on

Iluustration of scenario Latenode + Chatwoot + ChatGPT

It integrates with Chatwoot, a tool for creating website widgets, and chatGPT to generate the responses. It may look impressive, but don’t worry, you don’t even need to recreate it on your own, you can just copy this template and follow this step-by-step instruction to make it work for you in just 15 minutes!

Also, there’s a video version of this guide on how to make an AI chatbot, if that would be more convenient for you.

To run this scenario, you’ also need to have:

  • Chatwoot account (which is free)
  • OpenAI account with ability to create AI assistants

But what about the price? Let’s count together.

Generating 100 recipes would consume ~150 GPT input tokens and ~250 output tokens, and every execution of this automated workflow would consume just 1 execution credit on

So, here’s the formula and the numbers:

GPT tokens * Price Per Input Token + GPT tokens * Price Per Output Token + Latenode Credits) * 100

(~150 * $0,00001 (GPT-4 turbo) + ~250 * $0,00003 + $0,0019) * 100 = $1,19

I think this is just incredible! It’s 83x times cheaper than Intercom and almost 8x cheaper than Chatbase! 

You’re welcome to try it out yourself! If you’ll face any troubles during creating this workflow, feel free to ask for help in the Latenode Discord channel, where you’ll find our dev team and growing low-code enthusiasts community!

But for now, that’s it! See you soon and happy automating!

Create AI Bot at a fraction of the cost with Latenode

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