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April 19, 2024
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Latenode team back again ;)

Hello, everyone! Daniel from Latenode here, and it's time for our regular roundup of the latest news.The demand for our Fast-Track App Release continues to grow! More and more people are prioritizing the release of integrations they need. Do you need something specific as well? Feel free to request any app.

At the same time, we discovered an interesting use case where a single low-code automation saves more than $30,000 annually on Data Enrichment. Find it in the Material Updates section.

🚀 Platform Updates

Integration with NocoDB
NocoDB is an open-source tool that transforms any database into a smart, spreadsheet-like interface, simplifying data management and collaboration.Integration with NocoDB is available of our supportive users paid for a fast-track release of it.
Now, enhancing your projects with NocoDB has become easier, thanks to the integration via Latenode, enabling the following functionalities:
  • Create a Row: Vital for adding new data.
  • Delete a Row: Important for maintaining data relevancy.
  • Update a Row: Crucial for keeping records current.
  • Retrieve a Row: Essential for accessing specific data points.
  • List Linked Records: Significant for understanding relationships between data.

Check out the integration on our platform and request any app you need.

Integration with MongoDB
MongoDB is a top choice for managing data, known for its flexibility, ability to scale with your needs, and impressive speed. It enables you to organize your data in various ways, simplifying the process of finding and interacting with different types of data.
Now, enhancing your projects with MongoDB has become easier, thanks to the integration via Latenode, enabling the following functionalities:
  • Delete Document: Easily remove the selected document.
  • Insert Document: Effortlessly create a new document.
  • Retrieve Document By ID: Quickly get a document by its ID.
  • Search Documents: Easily search for documents using filters and options.
  • Update Document: Smoothly update the selected document.

Check out the integration on

New update on Documentation
We have made it so that you can enlarge a picture and, in principle, they have become clickable.
Yes, the update is small, but we are working on our documentation every day. If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to consult the documentation before going to our Customer Support department.
Check it out, low-coders:
Integration with GoHighLevel
We remember that you asked about this integration and we've done it!

GoHighLevel a powerhouse of marketing automation and CRM, is now seamlessly integrated! This is exciting news for those needing a robust platform to manage customer relationships and marketing campaigns.
Dive into GoHighLevel's functionalities through Latenode, which now includes the ability to:
  • Create Contact: Add new individuals to the CRM.
  • Create Opportunity: Track your potential sales progress.
  • Create Task: Set reminders for activities.
  • Update Contact: Modify existing contact details.
  • Search Contact: Locate CRM contacts quickly.

Explore this integration on our platform at Latenode.
📰 Material Updates
Optimize data enrichment and save tens of thousands of dollars   Instead of a direct integration between HubSpot and ClearBit, the workaround on Latenode was built to hack this use-case.
Extract Text from PDF Automatically with No Coding — Perfect solution for those who deal with large amounts of incoming CVs or other documents.
AI Chatbot for Website: Save 83x with Our No-Code Solution — The article discusses a valuable and easy way to add a chatbot to your website to assist with customer support without spending a lot of time and money. Check this out!

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